We offer sharing tours for guests on a budget who dont mind sharing the tour with other visitors. The tours are a great value for those who want to expirience all that Wadi Rum has to offer with the company of others.

We offer two popular sharing tours:

Full day jeep with overnight. This tour starts at 10am everyday from our office in Wadi Rum Village.

Half day jeep tour with overnight. This tour starts at 2pm everyday from our office in Wadi Rum Village.

Jeep tours are the best way to see the most of what Wadi Rum has to offer. Our jeeps (both open and closed) are comfortable and modified for the desert environment. We also offer sandboards free of charge which you can use at the sand dunes. Our English speaking drivers go slow, so that you have time to enjoy the ride in the deserts and canyons of Wadi Rum. At each spot in your itinerary, you will have time to stop, get out, take pictures, hike, climb, explore, and even enjoy a cup of delicious Bedouin tea at one of the many Bedouin tents found in the desert. However, you can ask the driver to stop anytime and anywhere you want- this is your trip, and you can go at your own pace

We now offer free sandboarding with all jeep tours. Just requested a sandboard for your group when booking or on arrival.